年10月21日 3G SYSTRA 3G System Training Service Description CTXX Issue en Nokia Networks Oy 错误!使用“开始” 应用于要在此处显示的文字. 3G SYSTRA. Introduction to 3G & UMTS Identify what is meant by the term 3G and briefly outline the work completed by the specification bodies. Furthermore. Directory: 3G/4G develop. Plat: PDF Size: KB Downloads: 4. Upload time: Uploader: joyraj. Description: This book on 3G system.

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In order to understand how it works, let us take a simple example. External interface and data related units The unit with which a person can do the normal operation and maintenance tasks is the OMU Operation and Maintenance Unit.

The paging process Again, a similar process is used in xystra cellular network.

The timing advance is adapted for these distances 3h is the ability of the mobile station to send the bursts in advance so that they arrive in the BTS in the right timeslot. On the basis of these data, the network operator is able to compare the actual performance of the network with the planned performance and detect both good and bad performance areas within the network.

The mobile network needs to be monitored continuously, and there are several reasons for this. Nokia Networks will, if necessary, explain issues which may not be covered by the document. Whether the GSM shstra from where the user is getting the service has the necessary resources or sgstra Which of the following pictures is correct?

The rule is that the higher the frequency, the smaller the size of the cell.

Nokia 3G Systra

Calls are always connected by and through the NSS. These time slots are allocated for speech only when a user has set up the call.

Secondly, we need to have some sort of information that enables the GMSC to route the call to the target MSC, wherever in the world it may be. An indication that service will be provided with a further request for address, which is provided.

Broadcast channels are downlink point to multipoint channels. Services Basic Supplementary services services Bearer Teleservices services However, if a person registers as a GSM subscriber and buys a mobile station, he takes it for granted that at least the speech service is guaranteed after all, that is the reason why he bought the phone in the first place.


This may cause situations where the syatra of messages that are received, are different from the original sequence. Intended grade of systtra. However, Nokia Networks has made all reasonable efforts to ensure that the instructions contained in the document are adequate and free of material errors and omissions. After receiving the request, the network analyses the data of the calling subscriber in order to do three things: The outcome is an integrated network architecture design that shows how the different services will be implemented and what equipment will be needed.

00_Table of Contents 3G SYSTRA(Jan-06)

In general, the first and the last MSC involved in a call set up collect the charging record. If the waiter does not know the right table, he uses the public address system and “pages” the professor as follows: The call can be transferred between two exchanges only if there is a telephone number identifying the target MSC. For a switch with relatively low traffic, the STU can also collect charging data, but for switches which handle high traffic, the CHU Charging Unit is needed to collect charging data.

Not all units that were present in systrz MSC are present in the BSC due to the functional difference of the network element. The information or statements given in this document concerning the suitability, capacity, or performance of the mentioned hardware 3v software products cannot be considered binding but shall be defined in the agreement made between Nokia Networks and the customer.

The Home Operator of the subscriber can be anywhere in the world, but for practical reasons the subscriber chooses one of the operators in the country where he spends most of his time. Operator specific 32 bit binary number. Simplified steps in setting up a call 1.

Information is sent in packets along whichever route is available at the time. A mobile station sysra to know what the cells surrounding the present cell are and what frequencies are being broadcast on them. The first is a call originating from the fixed network. The BTS handles signalling as well as traffic in the air interface. The following is an example of an international number: It is also quite useful at special sites such as underground.

Other product names mentioned in this document may be trademarks of their respective companies, and they are mentioned for identification purposes only. List at least three significant events in the evolution of CDMA networks List the four main network subsystems of UMTS Release 99 Explain how existing Sysra networks have evolved to support additional services and new technologies Name the four basic air interface access technologies List at least three key benefits of WCDMA and identify at least three advantages of 3G networks for both the operator and the end user without using any references.


However, because it is used for data transmission, there has to be a provision for the bearer service in order to define the characteristics of the bearer such as data transmission rate and Air Interface error correction protocol. The lowest and highest channels are not used to avoid interference with services using neighbouring frequencies, both in GSM and GSM Log In Sign Up.

3G-Systra This book on 3G system .practical book. –

The subscribers may also discover problems that would not otherwise be identified. This case is a bit more complicated. Each PCM channel timeslot has 2 bits of information. Let us make a simplified exercise to illustrate the situation. SCCP Signalling Connection Protocol layer responsible for making and Control Part virtual connections and making connectionless signalling across multiple signalling networks.

Frequency hopping generally does not significantly improve the performance if there are less than four frequencies in the cell. Frequency hopping is optional.

The HLR analyses the message. Without reference to the material, draw and label the key components and interfaces of the Nokia 3G Solution. Connections between sites as well as capacities, timeslot allocation of each link, routing diagrams, etc. As the SIM has or it should have exactly the same algorithms as used in the triplet generation on the network side, the RAND number that the SIM receives and inserts to the algorithm should produce exactly the same SRES value as sydtra one generated on the network side.

A dedicated signalling channel is assigned in order to transmit the data related to the call. Instead, the first MSC keeps record of the call g3 long as it lasts. The system must be compatible with existing mobile standards. In the following, we shall take a 3v look at three different areas of network planning, namely Switching Network planning, Cellular Transmission Network planning and Radio Network planning.