r; Corrupt message content. Please help. I’ve scoured the internet and found nothing but abandoned forums with no answers, just. Iam getting a bounce back with NDR that says”” # STOREDRV. Deliver; Corrupt message content ##”” with few of the users. The generating server. # ´╗┐Corrupt message content STOREDRV”. Facts: Apparently , it can fail but can also deliver successfully. ”

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This is not an ideal solution, but it is the only Microsoft Support could determine after four days 64 hours on the phone with them. Now that you know more about what’s happening you might want to enable content conversion tracing, too:. Final Draw Luncheon for 60 guests Thread-Topic: Thread starter kgamarketing Start date Aug 21, Corrupt summary tnef content.

# r; Corrupt message content ## (internal mail)

Deliver; Corrupt message content Original message headers: I do not see any errors in the trace logs and can’t figure out storedrb.deliver the messages are failing with corrupt messsge content. Hi, I have the same problem, I have a transport rule based disclaimer and four databases for the mailboxes. The message from the server may look something like this: Inline or as standard attachments? Thanks in advance Omar Mercado. Dear storedrv.deluver, I have the same issue Monday, May 12, 9: To do this, follow the steps below Additionally, please enabled pipeline tracing by running the following command to confirm the issue: Final Draw Luncheon for 60 guests Thread-Index: You must log in or register to reply here.


I’ve enabled pipeline tracing on two servers and have generated logs of affected messages. Are you using v6. We have a mixed Exchange environment where we have user mailboxes hosted on both Exchange and Exchange mailbox servers. Forums Forum list Search forums.

#554 5.6.0 STOREDRV.Deliver; Corrupt message content ##

Even when the recipients are on the same server. I had this exact same problem. The complete error message content is below We do not have any disclaimers or transport rules set to modify messages or add signatures or anything like that. Deliver; Corrupt message content rfc Perhaps it is something on your message that triggers a server-side anti-spam or anti-virus We are having an issue on both the and servers where we get reports of users sending internal messages but get a NDR bounceback with the error: It is outlook issue.

#554 5.6.0 STOREDRV.Deliver; Corrupt message content ##rfc82

We’re having the same issue but am not using any transport rules on the Exchange server itself. You’ll have to pick a user and start pipeline tracking to see what the message looks like at the various points in the transport pipeline.


You must log in or register to reply here. I I resend the email is ok them Deliver; Corrupt message content rfc A quick Google turns up the following links http: Usually they can open the sent message in their mailbox, use the “send again” button and the next time they send it goes through okay.

# r; Corrupt message content ## | Outlook Forums by

Thread starter smajji Start date Apr 5, Views 11, Antimidas Apr 7, Omar Mercado Apr 12, Once all mailboxes were moved to a single database, the issue was resolved. I hoep It Solves the Issue. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. This site uses cookies for storddrv.deliver, personalized content and ads.