Acupuntura energetica [Radha Thambirajah] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. La acupuntura describe un sistema terapéutico de la. Acupuntura energética by Radha Thambirajah, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Semantic Scholar extracted view of “Comprar Acupuntura energética | Radha Thambirajah | | Elsevier España” by Radha Thambirajah.

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Over 80 common diseases and symptoms are discussed and treatment aacupuntura given for different causes of the same symptom. After returning to Sri Lanka, she pioneered the practice of Acupuncture there and founded the Academy of Chinese Acupuncture in Acupuncture points, needle techniques and extraordinary therapies used in the treatment of dermatological and cosmetic problems.

Skin problems occur because the Blood, Qi, yin and yang of the body are not in balance and the book discusses how these can be balanced by acupuncture therapy. A guide to the diagnosis and treatment of cosmetic and dermatological problems with practical energetixa on how to perform treatment techniques.

Then I found one. In Radha moved to the Thambigajah, and continued her practice and teaching. Her way of teaching Chinese medicine is clear and practical. All common imbalanced states are described with four pictures of imbalance – Blood, Yin, Yang and Qi. Blueprint Robert Plomin Inbunden.

The Academy has trained many medical professionals all over the world. Energetics in Acupuncture Radha Thambirajah. The eight extra meridians and their uses are also covered. It’s the one book which explains precisely how you should carry out treatment, what to expect and why you treat this way and not another.


She graduated from Shanghai Medical College in and has been in practice for over 40 years.

All diagnostic methods are explained. The theory of the Five Elements is the most important part of this book. After that, and probably because of enedgetica, I decided definitely to become a medical acupuncturist. I could study and work with Dr Radha Thambirajah.

Energetics in Acupuncture

This second edition also contains new material on needling and massage techniques. She pioneered the practice of acupuncture in Sri Lanka and founded the Academy of Chinese Acupuncture. This book has been written in three parts: This is a comprehensive and authoritative textbook on the topic for thambidajah acupuncturists and Chinese Medicine practitioners. This book is unique in the combination of clinical experience, logical presentation, and a wealth of case histories.

This book is a enegetica contribution to understanding dermatological problems from a Chinese medicine perspective. The five elements and their association with the skin.

Energetics in Acupuncture – Radha Thambirajah – Häftad () | Bokus

Lung ascends and descends water. Needling and needle sensation, needling techniques and all the extraordinary therapies – moxibustion, cupping, plum-blossom-tapping, electrical stimulation of needles and bleeding – are also covered.

One of the gifts she always has offered in her seminars, and you will find in this book as well – is the charming enthusiasm, which she implants in her students and her readers to make acupuncture a lifelong fascination for them. I started learning acupuncture induring my medicine studies, and in I was still looking for a good and clear professor.


The terms Blood, energy and body fluid are introduced, and the various climatic pathogenic factors that attack the body from the exterior are discussed, energetics well as how they can move towards the interior explaining why we refer to certain illness states as damp or wind etc.

Comprar Acupuntura energética | Radha Thambirajah | 9788445818596 | Elsevier España

Every case history and treatment has been illustrated with the location of the points used, so that the reader does thwmbirajah have to look for these anywhere else. Radha has written two books: Yin and Yang affect the five stages of our lives. When you read the book, you will understand why Radha Thambirajah is one of the most influential rada of Chinese medicine in the Western world, having taught more than 10, students, many of them having chosen to devote their clinical and scientific work to acupuncture.