Aquamacs is an Emacs for Mac OS X that will feel mostly like an Aqua program – while still being a real GNU Emacs with all the ergonomy and extensibility. Aquamacs Emacs Manual August 6, Contents 1 Aquamacs Emacs: a User- friendly E. Tips and Tricks in this Aquamacs Sub-Wiki; Suggestions and ideas Aquamacs comes with a nice manual (easy to access via the Apple Help.

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Aquamacs reads and writes files in all Unicode variants. Aquamacs remembers where your windows aqjamacs are. Emacs shares the colors of things that are common across programming languages.

That’s too long, so insert this in your. To set a color theme a set of colors for the foregrounds of all the types of text that Emacs displays: Click on the little oval at the upper-right part of the window.

Aquamacs (Pete’s notes)

The GNU Emacs code-base is patched. This makes the toolbar disappear, which is great, but it’ll be back the next time you start AquaMacs. When you try to open a remote file with C-x C-f, the “ido” package will get in the way, so type another C-f to make it drop back to a normal find-file. Features Downloads Support Development. Manuao example, you can easily distinguish LaTeX files on the screen by their beige background color, or use variable-width proportional fonts for text modes only, but stick to fixed width, monospaced fonts for editing code.


Aquamacs: Emacs for Mac OS X

When you use “Save As” in Apple Mail. Aquamacs offers a range of proportional and mono-spaced fonts to choose from. For example, there is a “Reveal in Finder” function, or another one to open new files in one of many popular modes. It also sucks for any other modes where things are presented in columns, like Man mode. This failed with an error, so I kept struggling and finally got it to work.

If the remote system prompts for a one-time-password, as nagman does, you’re screwed.

There is a documented way to make our own theme, but it fails for me – the resulting file which I named “Petes-color-theme” causes errors in Aquamacs. If you were using multiple displays, and had windows spread around, and now you only have one display, Aquamacs gets confused. Later, use “ssho” as usual to add the identity back.

I did local-set-key, which was fine. Like the little window that pops up when you run ediff. It is available for Aquamacs as an Aquamacs “plugin”. Aquamacs creates files named “. I don’t want to do that – I want comments to use the same color in Bash mode as in Perl mode. Then I downloaded the full Aquamacs source with this command: I tried to set the default by following theses instructions in the Aquamacs FAQ:. To see a list of faces and the way they are currently set, do M-x list-faces-display.


A community around Aquamacs and a larger one around Emacs! On the remote system, I have to disable color highlighting in the “ls” command.

Save the file and exit Aquamacs. You can use it manually, or turn on autofit-frames-flag. To set the background color, see below in the “Background colors” section. If you get the weird Microsofty case where every other character in a.

This is where I put stuff that I want in both Aquamacs and in regular emacs on Linux hosts. I didn’t like html-helper-mode at first, but I’m stuck with it.