AWWA Has Published C! Updates Include: • High Performance Polyethylene Resin (PE) with Safety Factor ≥ 2. • Zero-leakage allowance for. Plastics Pipe Institute position statment on AWWA C High density polyethylene (HDPE) has been used for municipal and industrial water applications for almost 50 years. HDPE’s heat-fused joints create a leak free.

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It is important that several specimens be tested to ensure that representative samples of the inside surface are tested. Products failing to meet any of awa requirements shall be rejected.

In this case c96 The party that supplies material or services. This test shall be performed daily or at least once per production run, whichever is more frequent. Its surge capacity per Table B. The test results shall be within the limits established by the supplier or manufacturer.

Handbook of Polyethylene Pipe, Washington, D. Standard code designation of the PE material Sec. What DR pipe does the engineer use? A split or separation of material that is exhibited as a surface discontinuity.


Updated C906-15 AWWA Standard To Publish Includes PE4710 State-Of-The-Art Resin

Affidavit of compliance Sec. The C update, expected to be published on September 1,will include enhanced performance high-density polyethylene Awwaa resins – PE – that improve the durability and reliability of HDPE pressure pipe used in municipal and industrial water and wastewater systems.

The length of time a particular piece of extrusion equipment is set up to produce a certain size of pipe.

Determine the status of certifications by parties offering to certify products for contact with, or treatment of, drinking water. Surge pressure is sometimes called water hammer. Description of fitting e.

PPI updated position statement on AWWA C – High Country Fusion

Each fitting shall be visually checked inside and awwaa for defects as described in Sec. For PE and PE materials, the minimum hoop stress value shall be 2, psi News August 3, Care shall be taken during shipment to prevent cuts, scratches, and other damage.

Purchaser Options and Alternatives. DR 21 may be used only if the designer can operate the water main at working pressure less awea 70 psig, or if the surge at 5 fps was attributed to occasional events only with recurring surges at 4 fps or less refer to Table C.


Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Pressure class PC ratings for pipe described in this standard are given in Table 9. Color or color coding. For black product see Sec.


Surge pressure caused by emergency pump and valve operations are usually severe. The following allowable surges are in addition to static pressures: Help Center Find new research papers in: Fabricated fittings shall meet the minimum dimensional requirements and tolerances of the pipe at the point of fusion.

The elongation-at-break test Sec. These pressure ratings do not apply to loose or floating wawa flanges on thermoplastic piping stub ends.

PE pipe materials shall contain at least 2 percent finely divided and well-dispersed carbon black. Because of its apparent nominal working pressure capacity, the preliminary design choice for this application is pipe of DR 17 designated as PC with a maximum working pressure rating of psig.