Barnbrook Bible, cover, Jonathan Barnbrook’s new book, Barnbrook Bible, ranks amongst the most ambitious personal projects undertaken by any. Buy Barnbrook Bible: The Graphic Design of Jonathan Barnbrook 01 by Jonathan Barnbrook, Kalle Lasn (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. The Barnbrook Bible has 27 ratings and 1 review. Eric said: A nice reminder of why I was initially drawn to graphic design and how I have betrayed these.

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I have been to see the exhibition and had a brief look through the book.

That’s about the fact that he’s just published a book that, on the face of it, appears to be very self indulgent. We live in the U. Holly Mccabe marked it as to-read Apr 13, At this moment in history is there a more ubiquitous vehicle for the dominant ideology than design? Andrew Wiggins rated it really liked it Jul 14, It doesn’t offer any insightful commentary about Barnbrook’s work. Gemma rated it really liked it Mar 12, Then he either respond to those that have something worth responding to, or, respond to the fact that there is nothing worth responding to.

Drone and Tourette are lovely typefaces and I’m thrilled that they exist. Sounds like some neo-cons got their panties wadded over this one.

But what do I know, Im just a student June 1, Explores the printed matter—posters, flyers, zines, and album covers—produced by and for the punk and post-punk music scenes in the United States and UK. I think there is immense value in conceptual ambiguity in art. His work bibld tight.

Barnbrook Bible: The Graphic Design of Jonathan Barnbrook

Sure, there are a few tropes that he has used multiple times, but even a cursory glance at his work check out Why2K, or his Damien Hirst monographs reveals a designer who’s willing to do anything to make a point. I think I’m just falling for the bait here. Charbel marked it as to-read Sep 04, Because Barnbrook is just so damn great. Vibor marked biblw as to-read Mar 10, Barnbrook is a political radical: Printed as a special, oversized, page color newspaper, the catalogue has been published on the occasion of an exhibition of the same name, curated by Andrew Blauvelt, on view at the Cranbrook Art Museum through October 7, It will give you more to judge if anything.


Barnbrook Bible: the Graphic Design of Jonathan Barnbrook

In the past, revolutionary and oppositional movements have distinguished themselves by shunning formal graphic design because of its links to political and corporate power, and turned instead barnbroook more anarchic modes of graphic expression. Barnbrook’s style has always been gorgeous. Barnbrook is a true artist and we are lucky to have him. Fashion Design Designers Commentators Books.

Barnbrook’s work shows us that the perfection that we desire–and that graphic design reinforces–is illusory.

Barnbrook Bible | Designers & Books

Others have called him a “wanker,” and I am inclined to agree. If the gesture may seem too grand to some, it is in my eyes still better than the egocentric showing of one’s formal prowess as a designer. Do it bkble you love doing it or do something else. I know full-well I’m just another privileged white guy, sitting at my computer, reading the paper, trying to wrap my head around why the wheels of society seem to have come off.

But the Barnbrook Bible is more than a bit fat monograph. I quite enjoyed the book, but mainly hearing Jonathan’s direct thoughts, inspirations and rationales on his work. Ps House added it Oct 04, Indeed, much of the output of Barnbrook Studio has sought to provoke design into a deeper barnbrooi more thoughtful enquiry into our lives – both as citizen and as designer. Now Barbnrook a hero too. Following a liberal persuasion doesn’t make your opinion any more valid than somebody else’s.

You’re right about the origin of the terms, but that bilbe necessarily assign bigle to the people, myself included, who use them. Emalie rated it really liked it Bzrnbrook 18, Known for his revolutionary typefaces, Jonathan Barnbrook is the most sought after contemporary graphic designer working across a broad range of disciplines including graphic design, industrial design, typeface design and film.


He writes engagingly about font creation, his discovery of film-based work, and the conduct of the modern designer. The review reads like the work of some Barnbrook sycophant, and I am appalled by it. Scratching the Surfacea collection of his journalism, has recently been published. Note that the most negative and vehement responses include key phrases such as “wanker”, “rubbish”, and “bollocks”.

Mandi added it Apr 17, Our curator-acclaimed facsimile of the Bolted Book sold out. American foreign policy and global corporatism are his main targets. It is an immediate high coupled with that immediate hangover that we justly deserve for our societal abuses.

The only politics I saw was garden-variety t-shirt politics, slightly better than “Buck Fush” kind, but not by much and equally meaningless. By contrast, I think we can all agree that clever vector art will likely do little to afflict the comfortable. We’d like to remind all commenters of the guidelines for this site: Barnbrpok have not seen the book or the Design Museum exhibit but I did place an barbnrook for the monograph on Amazon June Empire” issue, though I loved their execution.

I noticed afterall that they’re starting to thin out Barnbrook is a throwback to an almost medieval notion of ascetic denial.

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