ISKCON Desire Tree – Devotee Network is a social network. This manual is meant to provide the essential information to start the Bhakti- vriksha Program. This material is the result of over 2 years of practical experience . This Book is a comprehensive guide to help the Bhakti Vriksha Servant Covered all the parts of Bhakti Vriksha Week: Spiritual Edification, Nectar of Holy .

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Keeping this in mind the program components can be interchanged. Developing service attitude and humility are the primary requirements of a successful Bhakti Vriksha leader who can convince his members to commit themselves bhaktu and more to Krishna Consciousness.

Bhakti vriksha manual pdf – Google Docs

The questions given under Discovery, Understanding and Application are lead bha,ti for better facilitation. What is the value of having another Guru? Then the group should divide into new cells, and those initiated devotees can become leaders of the next Bhakti-vriksha groups. Also, donations can always be got for celebrating festivals, so that the burden does not fall on only a few people.

For example, a person engaged in devotional service vriksh be ordered to rise early in the morning and offer arati, which is a form of Deity worship. Actually there is no such practice. If you are already attending some devotional programs in the temple, then inviting some of the visitors there to your program would be very easy and effective. Pure stage of chanting is where Krishna fully revealsHimself together with all His potencies.


Does she have children?

Bhakti Vriksha Manual

Meditate on the meaning of the holy names, while chanting, as it is revealed by Srila Prabhupada and the previous Acharyas. I cannot run even one mile. The game is over when the last person is captured. Women are excellent Bhakti Vriksha manuap for they naturally possess and exercise many of the characteristics expected of a Bhakti Vriksha leader.

How many Friday Srimad Bhagavatam class do you attend every month? As they receive the siksha certificate from the senior devotee and pay their obeisances, everyone can cheer them to the accompaniment of thumping mridangas, karatalas, etc. Arjunas Gandiva bow was slipping from him because: Why is there no loss or diminution in Krishna Conscious activities? That warrior runs towards them and tries to break through the clasped hands of the players.

Such envy on the part of materialistic persons is very good because that is the way they fall down. If he, however, takes shelter of a kanual Spiritual Master, who instructs him on how to perform devotional service, the cloud of Anarthas gradually disappears and pure love of God can be awakened in his heart.

Practically everything depends on practice. After seven to eight years of experience in conducting the Bhakti Vriksha programme successfully in Mathuradesh, in the Middle East, we have designed these modules. The most important part of this program is to encourage your members to commit to a spiritual standard.

Now this sadhana-bhakti, or practice of bhaktti service, may also be divided into two parts. The players stand in a circle. That is not intelligence.


Chanting can give you whatever you want. There is also train the trainer program conducted in selected centers so that the leaders are aware of the methodology to facilitate the bhakti vriksha. The members will also be trained to preach effectively and also become group leaders themselves in 64 weeks. Narada muni refuses and throws the ball to a player. In our last meeting HH Radhanath Maharaja was requested to give a presentation on the principles the Chowpatty temple in Mumbai, India, applies to develop their community and take care of devotees, with the Counselor System being the main focus.

Then he knows that everyone has woken up! Hence, the burden of financing is easily shared by everyone and ceases to be a burden anymore. We have recommended that this be done by the sixth month of starting the group.

At that time you shall receive the totality of Gaura Prema! They are, here, only to work for their livelihood and their jobs are renewed every two years. I had vowed never to take any disciples. Ultimately when they are preaching directly to people they will find these verses most valuable.