The Body-cathexis Scale is examined to assess its psychometric properties. Results indicate a strong unidimensional measure with high internal consistency. The Body Cathexis Scale (BCS) was the first psychometric instrument devised to measure body dissatisfaction. In this study we report the. The oriainal Bodv-cathexis Scale (BCS) used by Secord and Jourard () consisted of a list of 46 parts or aspects of the body. These were rated by.

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Considering the importance of the construct of body-self in notions of personality and self-concept, the scale clearly has utility in further psychological research. The number of items in the scale has varied over subsequent studies.

Total body cathexis BC is obtained by summing the ratings for each of the 46 characteristics and dividing by total number of items. There appears to be support for the use of the BCS in self-concept research and yet, despite this, there has been a paucity of psychometric investigation into the scale Wylie, ; Crandall, ; Bums, The scale was completed in all cases within 20 min. The determinancy and factor correlations are shown in Table 3.

The sdale was undertaken in two stages. Body cathexis is defined as the degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction one feels towards various parts and aspects of his or her own body. Perceptual and Motor Skills73, This page was last edited on 14 Mayat Therefore, dissatisfaction with the fit of garments can lead to lower body cathexis and negative attitudes regarding overall appearance, body dimensions, and weight.

However, all item means remained within the range While the body has been studied by psychologists from numerous different viewpoints, few recent reports of systematic empirical research into feelings about the body exist.

Skills 53, One’s perception of his or her body and the feelings associated with this perceived image greatly influence overall satisfaction with the self and can predict levels of self-esteem. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Perceptual and Motor Skills53 3 Journal of Consulting Psychology, 17 5 Clothing and Textiles Research Journal31 3 Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


Consequently, a negative self-concept would be expected of an individual who perceives his or her body as falling short of culturally-determined ideals. Tucker-was reluctant to use both sexes in his analysis-due to-evidence that sex influences feeling towards the body. Seven items did not have salient loadings of any of the factors.

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Gardner Press, New York. Thorndike recommends a sample size of at least if the standard error in the inter-item correlation matrix is to be minimized.

Consequently, as suggested by the results of both the body cathexis and self cathexis scales which represent attitudes about conceptual aspects of the self in correlation to the bodylow body cathexis is significantly associated with anxiety, insecurity, and negative perceptions of the self. The results suggest that the measure has unidimensional properties. Tucker also discovered a test-retest reliability coefficient of 0. The means and standard deviations of each item were calculated to observe their ability to discriminate between Ss.

Body cathexis and satisfaction with fit of apparel. A Pearson product-moment inter-item correlation matrix was calculated and a maximum likelihood factor analysis was performed Joreskog, Only six questionnaires were dropped due to inappropriate responding.

Click here to sign up. Cultural scripting, particularly male socialization that fosters exercise involvement and physical fitness, may be partially responsible for higher body cathexis scores among males, since participation in fitness activities tends to yield significant improvement in body satisfaction.

Clothing and Textiles Research Journal8 2cathrxis Split-half reliabilities for the scale reported by Secord and Jourard ranged from 0. Similarly, social stimuli may play gody reciprocal role in anticipating behavior, contributing to the formation of negative feelings about the body. Journal of Applied Social Psychology. Effects of advanced weight-training on body cathexis and self-esteem.


Body Cathexis Scale (Secord and Jourard ) | Psychology Resource Centre

Procedure The questionnaire was administered in groups during a class or lecture period. Body image and eating disorders. No item showed a standard deviation small enough to justify its exclusion from the scale. Feelings about the body have marked behavioral consequences, and as both casual and clinical observations suggest, body cathexis and body perceptions play a significant role in garment fit satisfaction. This is a prerequisite of replicable factors.

Factor V is a body-built factor associated with weight, while Factor VI is a body-built factor associated with physique and muscular strength. It is argued, on the basis of this investigation, that the BCS has good psychometric properties. The items loading on this factor appear to have no common theme other than the fact that they are all body parts. Along with garment fit satisfaction, research also indicates that body image attitudes and emotions may be correlated with disordered eating behaviors.

Remember me on this computer. Theory, M easurement, Development and Behaviour. As the findings of their study confirm, Muth and Cash suggest that the gender-differential societal and personal standards of body attractiveness place women at a higher predisposition for less favorable, more invested, and more distressing body image attitudes. The factor correlations reveal that they are not mutually independent as the smallest inter-factor correlation is 0.

Internal structure, factor satisfaction, and reliability of the body cathexis scale. Views Read Edit View history.

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