Documents Similar To CINI Manual. Industrial Insulation Manual. Uploaded by. Haris Prawoto. Standard Specification for Hot Insulation (Piping & Equipment). This SPECIFICATION is based on the CINI Handbook “Insulation for Industries”, English. Version, dated 1st October (also known as the ” edition”). This section is based on the Committee Insulation Netherlands. Industry (CINI) Manual “Insulation for Industries”. DACE fol- lows the CINI standard as much as.

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Introduction The coating of profiled sheet roofs in order to extend the waterproofing life of such structures has long.

Most of these items are covered in this DEP. Our expert More information. The Principal may also include an agent or consultant, authorised to act for the Principal.

Cini :: CINI manual “Insulation in Industry”

The mechanical vertical and horizontal loads should be obtained from the pipe support drawings e. Table of Contents Page: A minimum of two layers of cellular glass shall be applied.

Quality Insulation made of calcium silicate. Alternative solutions for special cases may be submitted to the Principal for approval, e.


The Main Contractor shall submit a proposal, supported by data sheets, test certificates, calculations, method statements of installation, etc.

Depending upon the service application industriez design, construction, inspection. Pipes laid in the ground must be introduced into concrete walls or shafts. The jacketing selection has been changed.

Pipe and Equipment Insulations.


This type of insulation is often used in conjuction with heat tracing. A look at new methods and materials in boiler construction. Protective fencing or perforated jacketing may be considered for personnel protection. To reduce heat losses, insulation applied in two or more layers shall have staggered industriess. Pressure vessel basics for all engineers by Sharjeel Aslam Faiz 1.

Shell Global Solutions International B.

Added list of items to be inspected. The product should be delivered on site in two components ready for use.

Chapter 2 Basis of design and materials Chapter 2 Basis of design and materials 2. General Vaporizers are constructed in numerous designs and operated in many modes. The work covered under this section consists of the furnishing of all necessary labor, supervision, materials, equipment, and services to completely execute the. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Neither the whole nor any part of this document may be disclosed to any third party without the prior written consent of Shell International Oil Products B.


For temperatures up to o C other suitable compounds may be used. If insulation is necessary, e. The application of insulation may be started once the systems are released for insulation. The jacketing selection for cold and hot insulation systems in Appendix 4 recommends the jacketing system to be applied.

Cini manual insulation for industries pdf – Google Docs

The objective is to set the recommended standard for good design and engineering practice applied by Group companies operating an oil refinery, gas handling installation, chemical plant, oil and gas production facility, or any other such facility, and thereby to achieve maximum technical and economic benefit from standardization. The Principal may sometimes undertake all or part of the inslation of the Main Contractor.

These specifications may be used in whole or in part by any party without More information. All metal surfaces under insulation shall be suitably protected with a complete paint system in accordance with DEP Gen.