Clan Novel has ratings and 17 reviews. Travis Wedeking said: This review assumes the person has read the first book. Starting off a few days before. Clan Novel 2: Tzimisce – the Doorway into Depravity For hundreds of years Camarilla vampires have preserved the Masquerade – an intricate. Tzimisce (Vampire The Masquerade: Clan Novels) by Eric Griffin – book cover, description, publication history.

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The narrative jumps perspectives so often that it’s difficult to identify a clear protagonist, or develop any level of real familiarity with any one of the multiple viewpoint characters. Mar 01, Gabby rated it really liked it. One passing thought from a plethora of characters in a room is less informative than a single person observing all these people and forming his own thoughts. In scenes with a lot of characters present the narrative switches from 3rd person omniscient to some kind of hybrid between 3rd person limited and omniscient.

Paperbackpages. I have zero interest in it, and it’s bothering me to keep seeing it on my “currently reading” list. A suggestion to make this kind of thing work, though, would have been to focus on a vampire in the room with the ability to read minds such as one with high level Auspex In sum, this was an easy read and much more polished than the last book.

This wasn’t a bad This is a clan novel from White Wolf’s popular vampire gaming system.

I’ve found one appraisable idea in the whole book, so I give two stars. As grotesque as the Tzimisce Clan and their methods are, this was a good and slightly twisted story.

Clan Novel: Tzimisce

Books by Eric Griffin. No trivia or quizzes yet. Refresh and try again. This review assumes the person has read the first book.


Clan Novel: Tzimisce by Eric Griffin

I thought this book was okay. At a couple of points I was confused about what a person had been “sculpted” into, figuring I would never know. Jan 15, Carlos Lenis rated it it was amazing.

The beginning was really confusing in the way that I had no idea what was tzimiace on, since I didn’t realize that the whole plot went back in time to a little bit before the second half of the last book.

Griffin made a really smart choice here in describing just enough to let us know a little about what is going on, augmented noel further with dialogue, and then let our imaginations run wild with it. As far as technique, Griffin’s writing is much more parsimonious than the last author. Una novela adulta y sangrienta. A major improvement was that, unlike the last book, there were no “tangent” perspectives that added nothing to the established plot i.

Novl little more gray on the morality scale would have done wonders for this novel. She kind of reminds me of one of my really good friends in the way where she’s always joking around and when she’s serious, she’s really scary. Aug 05, Soukyan Blackwood rated it really liked it. Wed Adams rated it did not like it Feb 02, At the end of it all, I feel they are the strongest of all the clans and this book touches base on all the reasons they are so feared and respected of the clans.

Tzimisce (Vampire The Masquerade : Clan Novels) by Eric Griffin

With the exception to Vykos and a certain character returning from last book, I felt like nocel characters were mostly flat and caricature-like. We hear nothing else from this character.

It’s unsurprising since Tzimice are known for callously molding tissue and bone with their Vicissitude discipline. My favorite bit about her is that nove extremely persuasive. And all that nightmare slowly engulfed in the flames, flames that cleanse the city of this carnage.


This wasn’t a bad read. Each novel in this series features a member of one of the 13 vampire clans. I was even a bit disappointed by the lack of horror aspects. Tzimiscf digusting, without much story. Blood is running dry, heads of power are thrown around as trophies, and the worst nightmares are running around in the night.

Karen Spooner rated it it was ok Nov 18, Jan 31, Suellen tzimisde it liked it. This book was going to be a challenge for anyone to write — the Tzimisce are by definition inhuman, difficult if not impossible to understand, and horrifically sadistic.

It is almost better to believe this is all some cruel joke or perhaps a cunning trap. War ghouls, several great feet tall. This is a clan novel from White Wolf’s popular vampire gaming system. To ask other readers questions about Clan Novelplease sign up. Stephen Montgomery rated it really liked it Dec 12, This series comprises the biggest event in the history of the World of Darkness — and this is only the second book This epic series of over one million words will reveal the secrets of the vampires’ hidden world, from the smallest detail to the grandest marvel.

It happened to me at least. After the book started making sense, I started liking it.

Clan Novel 1 – 10 of 14 books. Lists with This Book.

The rest is at [ Night Mode Reading ]: War rages across the whole of East Coast. Jun 07, James rated it really liked it. Between Truth and Treachery, the latter is much the more constant mistress. The level of violence in this novel is greater than the last.