Composing Music for Film [Jack Smalley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Film composer Smalley offers discussion and examples for the. You better know basic music theory and composing before taking on this book– i am on my second read through it. Dense with techniques and Jack Smalley’s. Title, Composing Music for Film. Author, Jack Smalley. Edition, 3, illustrated. Publisher, Independent Publisher, ISBN,

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ThonexJan 1, Ignore Threads by Nobita. Thanks Craig and rJames for the reviews.

Note- Yes it is a composing book but it also deals with other areas of the creative process of film composing. Ifor one, can’t put a price on this kind of invaluable information.

Thanks for the review, Craig! Craig SharmatDec 29, ComposerDudeJan 1, The book comes from a different place in that it suggests 3 basic themes as examples through the whole book and proceeds to show you how to exploit them.

The scale you refer to is a mjor scale with a raised 4th or lydian mode btw. AshermusicJan 1, Log in or Sign up. Extrapolate some “things that work”, not for paint-by-numbers, but as a crystal-starting seed, especially com;osing deadlines loom and inspiration is on its coffee break.


Not to be content with a “bag o’ tricks”, but to have smalkey one’s musical arsenal some useful generalizations about musical form. Does this book cover basics like that?

Composing Music For Film – Jack Smalley – About the Book

That is really where the book shines, concise, simple explanations and yet comprehensive in covering it’s subject matter. Oh, Craig already splaned. I believe most people can learn something from Jack Smalley’s experience. Was just about to consider buying this book and this helps a lot! And none of this is intended to argue with Jay: I could use to go over a few sections a bit more to get stronger footing but I feel I have a fairly good compoing of the the kusic.

Smalley can stop in and say hi sometime. He shows some ways to get there.

Smalley’s “Composing for Film”-Short Review

For the relative beginner it will introduce many techniques in a non threatening way. Personally I see nothing wrong with attaching emotional labels to techniques – as long as they’re seen as what they are: Indeed Jack Smalley’s book discusses several ‘geometric shapes’ to craft melody lines appropriate to given moods.


The impression I get is that smalleg book is cheap at twice the price.

JaapDec 30, Jack Smalley’s Composing for Film from my perspective. Scott RogersJan 1, Which I think was the point of Mike’s list. Like many books which come from teachers with experience, this book is a collection of lessons.

Smalley’s “Composing for Film”-Short Review | VI-CONTROL

One note to all, though he is known to be smmalley great orchestrator this book contains very little about the subject. I am judging the book on it’s own merit, price excluded.

He encourges you to take the techniques further on your own. Jay, if I may gratuitiously add to your list Yes, my password is: Thus you get like a “greatest hits” versions of each technique, not a comprehensive treatment with assignments.

Mike GreeneDec 29, composihg Jack believes that there are basically 7 emotions to be covered in scoring.