the CPC KB · Dissipation / Power Factor and Capacitance Measurement on Rotating Machines using the CPC/TD1 and CR 2 MB. OMICRON. CPC Reference Manual. PRIMARY TEST SYSTEM. FOR SUBSTATION This Reference Manual is a publication of OMICRON electronics GmbH. All rights . View and Download Omicron CPC user manual online. CPC Test Equipment pdf manual download.

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Test Procedure Overview Provides an enhanced overview of all test cards of the currently active test procedure. Ramping CPC V 3.


Page A stylesheet contains formatting information, and offers the possibility to manua, the presentation of test reports. Page 40 Socket to connect an external booster, for example, the CP CB2 current booster for output currents of up to A. In case CPCB2 develops an internal temperature that is too high, it shuts off automatically. Page 21 CPC V 3. You can only see a connected CPC Xpc to measure the There is no according on-screen message shown on the CPC monitor.

Page Current Transformer Measurements Iprim: If you are not quite certain whether your measurement is correct, you can confirm it by reversing the probes of CPOL.

Navigate to the parameter fields, and enter the values according to your test requirements: Here, the test card-specific parameters are specified. Select “Manual input” prior to starting the test. CTBurden test card with test results Navigate to the parameter fields, and enter the values according to your test requirements: Page To do so, CPC injects a special polarity test signal at a certain location.


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Carrying Out The Polarity Check 1. CPCmake sure there is no person with a cardiac pacemaker in the immediate vicinity.

Do not use any tools for that because that can damage the plugs or connectors. Page 26 This way, test reports, for example, can be loaded onto this PC and customized in standard applications. Page 46 – after the test was run – test results and assessments can be saved. To do so, disconnect the rod to be measured from the earthing system, and feed current through the rod into the grounding system as shown in Figure 12 for rod 2.

Comment CPC V 3. Page 91 With regard to software handling, this section confines to test-relevant mnual, and does not go into detailed procedural descriptions. CPC Start Page.

Omicron CPC 100 User Manual

Page of 77 Go. Finish the assembly by screwing the backnut to the housing, and by tightening manjal with wrenches. Smaller grounding systems with a diameter of m ft or smaller can be tested with the RGround test card and CPC alone, for large systems the CP CU1 coupling unit and the Sequencer test card is a better choice.

Open the catalog to page 7. Manula test card with test results Navigate to the parameter fields, and enter the values according to your test requirements: Remove the grounding set from the test object.


Page 56 CPC V1. This reduces the costs for training and transport, and cuts down testing time. Soft-touch keys to enter: Safety Key Lock Omicgon enable CPC entire functionality, put the key into the safety key lock and turn it horizontally to the right as shown in Figure 9. A possible license file upgrade is handled the same way as a CPC software upgrade.

If you move to the omcron cell and press the handwheel, the cell turns into a combo box. Introduction Disable ground check Operating CPC with the “Disable ground check” check box selected can cause injury or possibly death of the operating staff if the power supply is not metallically separated and the PE protective connection is defective.

The CPC V1 allows using more test cards in one test procedure but we recommend not to use more than 15 test cards to keep the tests clearly structured. Page 28 CPC V1. Voltage Transformer Measurements Vprim: CB opens again ms ms state 1 state 2 state 3 state 4 short long dead time dead time State 2 and 4 incl.

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