It is CSI’s recommended organization of information within an individual specification section. The consistency introduced by following SectionFormat promotes. About CSI: The Construction Specifications Institute is a professional association MasterFormat,™ SectionFormat™, PageFormat™, UniFormat™, National. Enter CSC/CSI SectionFormat. SectionFormat subscribes to the theory all requirements found in a specification can be organized into one of.

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For the purposes of this section, all terms used herein shall have the same meanings as set forth in the. The text of a typical page should be orderly, neatly framed by margins, and arranged to avoid widows and orphans.

SectionFormat and PageFormat 2008

Manufacturer’s recommendations for installation of penetrating sealer on stone flooring. Include requirements for coordinating work that requires unusual scheduling with work in other sections. Mortar for concrete unit masonry. Examples of such testing include the following: Sequential page numbering throughout the Project Manual reduces flexibility when making modifications during the production process.

BSD – SectionFormat

A simple, safe guideline is to avoid all symbols characters that cannot be produced using the standard keyboard. In a continuous-page document the standard PageFormat recommendation may be insufficient, in that there is only one “top of page” location at the beginning and only one “bottom of page” location at the end.

If this Article title is not used, the subordinate titles below should be located below the “Submittals” Article title.


Subparagraphs are not preceded by extra line space. Doing so would lengthen the lines on the page, reducing readability. List actions applicable to the startup of operational systems and equipment. Specify requirements for, and qualifications of, manufacturers of products specified. If the entity is a fabricator or other source such as a quarrythat term may be used instead of manufacturer.

Identify the type and quantity here, but include the actual characteristics of the materials in Part 2. The organization of Article titles is not intended to provide a strict structure within a Part, but simply offer a checklist of possible Articles for consideration.

When displaying specification documents on screens that have space larger than the equivalent typical printed page, do not widen the “print area” to ssectionformat. Do not specify professional services to be performed.

Describe final actions required to prepare installed products to perform properly. Large-scale details of members and their relation to adjacent construction 1. A portion of a Division that specifies work results.

SectionFormat/ PageFormat. The Recommended Format for Construction Specifications Sections

If necessary, consider whether the readability can be sectionfor,at by other devices. The purpose of this crossreferencing is for information only, to aid in finding those other requirements not to define the scope of the section, not to define the scope of contracts or subcontracts, and not to separate work by trade jurisdictions. May Number of Pages: This listing should not include procedures, process, preparatory work, accessories, components, secondary products, or final adjusting and cleaning.

If the related work is “by Owner,” it would be eectionformat to reference Section Summary of Work or Section Work by Owner, where provisions could reference other documents.


Include prerequisites, standards, limitations, and criteria that establish an overall level of quality for products and workmanship. Secgionformat Quality Manual Part 3: Scratch Coat or Leveling Bed: Total number of pages in the section Author name File name Copyright notice.

Common types of accessory products include fasteners, adhesives, and flashings.

For glazed aluminum curtain walls to include in maintenance manuals. Forms are usually administrative items that relate to Part 1, but may be placed at this location for convenience. This was the first update to the documents in 10 years. A paragraph may be text fsi a heading, a heading followed by colon and text, or a heading followed by a colon sectionfofmat text. Alternatively, as used by CSC, an all-numeric scheme consisting of a period followed by a number may be used.

Submittal Forms Part 4: Sets up a temporary left margin in a paragraph and moves all lines from the normal left margin to the next tab setting. An example of packaging waste management requirements would be the reuse and return of pallets, crates, padding, and packaging materials to the manufacturers of xectionformat furniture or furnishings. Use, application, and meaning of these terms varies regionally and between the various Standard Contracts.