When looking for a used DECKEL FP1 for sale, it is helpful to make sure that the instructions manual and operating instructions, the data sheet spec are also. New electical cabinet with emergencystop. Safety hood with electrical switch. Collets with sleeve S20x2 Drill chuck. Some toolholders and tooling. Add to cart.

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My FP1 is serial numberonly four units away. As noted in a previous post, the front face of my column is ground and as it is not a bearing surface could have provided a satisfactory datum surface. The head, as might be expected, was intended for very close-tolerance boring work, especially on proper jib-boring operations in conjunction with Deckel’s own optical or standard measuring systems. When generating spiral-fluted work that is also tapered, it must also be possible to set the work at half the included angle – rather as in generating a screw thread.

Machineseeker app for iPhone and Android. Be suspicious of any example that shows evidence of rounded nuts, hammer blows to any of the casings or other signs of brute-force intervention – it may have been through the hands of a mechanical incompetent and suffered hidden, serious and expensive-to-put-right damage.

The in-and-out movement was around mm. John, I think the problem might be that your photo albums are not “visible” to others.

Spiral Milling Attachment in place on the vertical table with the job being machined by the self-contained High-speed Vertical Head. Validation of Bank connection.

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Erik, I was already planning to install an electric feed motor and have already worked out most of the details. Browse through the most popular types of machines: To put it into context the error over the length of the gearbox shaft is 0. To acquire, there is something quite special. I am thinking that SE might be ok as long it lays deckwl on a granite or you have at least part of it on a solid surface, but i think it is too long to be not bendy.


Table movements were around mm longitudinally and mm vertically with the “Y” in-and-out movement made by the head – the travel being in the order of mm. Cheers, Stan Reply By: The kit is built with linear guides and ball screws very solid and clean. Unfortunately, the head had exactly the same range of 16 speeds from 40 to rpm or 95 to r. Geared operation insead of pulleys for speed changes is amazingly fast, and if you need true variable speed, you can do that via VFD dekcel not suffer the woes of plastic BP bushings, vibrations and rattles.

You could switch an FP-1 from horizontal to vertical 5 times in the span that you could mount a right angle head and support on a BP, and often deckeo can leave a horizontal cutter in the horizontal spindle while still using the vertical head I see this a lotwhich allows you two operations in one setup.

You can pick up my scanned manual and also a parts list here: This could be set by the operator to give 8 speeds in one f1p or 4 forwards and 4 reverse. I don’t fancy having my machine down for long so I have basically worked around it for now.

Corner Milling Spindle Head Another unit gp1 for use in workshops producing mould and die tooling where access to internal corners and edges was difficult. But in the early s, the model has been enriched for FP1 a group of machines that can be considered as prototypes.

Being relatively complex machines, with finely made parts, dismantling requires a certain mechanical sympathy.


Toolroom milling machine Deckel FP1 2102 Active

Because only very small cutters, required to run at very high speeds, were employed, just two speeds of and rpm were provided. Find out more Phone: Top -1k -2k -3k -4k -5k -6k -7k -8k -9k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k All information, offers and prices on this site are subject to change and non-binding!

Comparing an FP-1 to a Bridgeport is a bit odd. Emco Model F3 Belgium: Login to Your Account.

FP1 active 3-axis Machine number: This first models had its table feed driven by changewheels, with a longitudinal table travel of mm later mm and the direction and engagement of the table power feed left and right and up operated not by the familiar Deckel “stickshift”, but a little lever under the table for the longitudinal direction – and by another on the left-hand side of the machine for the up travel; the feed in the down direction dfckel by handwheel only.

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Now the thing with the FP-2’s is that they most likely surpass the BP by a fair margin in cutting power, but it is much harder to find attachments for. A demonstration of the type of tapered cutter the Spiral Milling Attachment was able to produce. Remember, the “table” on these machines is part of the machine and the right angle and universal tables are considered “attachments”.

Although my personal opinion is still that the FP-1 offers the most for the home shop because of size, weight, acc’s availabilityit should decke said that a well tooled FP-2 may suit some even better ie.