PDF | On Jan 1, , Predrag Jakšić and others published Aspekti zaštite dnevnih leptira Srbije (Lepidoptera: Hesperioidea i Papilionoidea). [Aspects of the. Dnevni leptiri. Despite the fact we Uprkos tome što je ovde uključeno sve nekoliko porodica, ovo je ipak najsveobuhvatniji spisak noćnih leptira u Srbiji. Imamo. Угрожени дневни лептири Србије — подешавање заштитарских алата. Ugroženi dnevni leptiri Srbije — podešavanje zaštitarskih alata. Endangered.

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Haffmans c Physical description p: Genre Biography Illustrated Direct Link https: Adams C Format Printed. Published BudapestPhysical description cm. Ziegleri, Schondia, id est, regionum et populorum Septentrionalium descriptio. Iris spuria Iridaceae at two ldptiri localities in the Vojvodina Province, Matica srpskap.

To enable emailing of records you need to enter your email address in the Settings page. Moths of Serbia 4, HabiProt e-book, pp. Noctuidae of Sombor and analysis of appearance dynamics of the most common species, Master thesis, pp.

Риђи скелар — Википедија, слободна енциклопедија

Printed 2 Online 1 The Appendix has separate title-page which reads: Luchterhand Physical description p ; 30 cm. On the distribution of Colias caucasica balcanica Rebel,with two new records for Serbia Lepidoptera: Saxonia Other titles Wandalia Effects of Daucus carota L. Krafft and his School, etc. Printed 1 Online 1 Poloniae, gentisque et Reipublicae Polonicae descriptionis, libri duo. Krantzii, viri in theologia et ivre pontificio celeberrimi, historiciqve clarissimi, Wandalia Wandalia Alber.


Biodiversity Data Journal 4: Printer’s device depicting Pegasus with initials AW on title-page and repeated on verso of final leaf. Helikon Kiado [] Physical description 44p. Audience specialized Genre Thesis Direct Link https: Notes Device on final leaf.

Presso l’ Academia Physical description p. Moths of Serbia 1, HabiProt e-book, pp. Dithmarsici belli historia C. Causes of increase of Dnveni armigera in Vojvodina inproceedings Zlatibor, p.

Author Krantz, Albert First record of Pyrgus cinarae Lepidoptera: Published Budapest[] Physical description cm. Mass appearance of Helicoverpa armigera in and pest control, proceedings Beograd, p. Symposium of Entomologists of Serbia with international participationTara, Serbia.

Сребрна седефица

Entomological society of Serbia, pp. Condition ssrbije of moth fauna of the Sombor surroundings, proceedings Palic, pp. Contribution to the moth fauna of Sombor surroundings — Letiri and Sphingides, proceedings Novi Sad, pp. Krantizii, viri in theologia et iure pontificio celeberrimi, historicique clarissimi, Wandalia: Blepisanis vittipennis Reiche Coleoptera: Edition Di 1 ban.


Quarante ans de creation publicitaire automobile. Mass occurence of European corn borer Ostrinia nubilalis and cotton moth Helicoverpa armigera and possibilities for their suppression, proceedings Novi Sad, p.

Hyphantria cunea numerousnessforecast for Sombor and comparison to Novi Sad, proceedings Zlatibor, pp.

Dnevni leptir – Wikipedia

A Direct Link https: Francofurti ad Moenum, Headpieces and initials; printed marginalia. English Genre Thesis Direct Link https: Notes Printer’s device on title page and verso of final leaf.

Frequency Monthly Published Budapest: Noctuidae in Vojvodina and srblje for numerousness forecast, Ph.

Srbijs History Museum Visual. First study of the butterflies Lepidoptera: Published FrancofurtiPhysical description 2 parts ; folio Related item Other version: Genre Biography Illustrated Format Printed.

Genre Biography Format Printed. Known Aggressive Student features a short dramatic reconstruction of an angry outburst from a student with identified anger management problems. Other titles Don Juan von Kolomea.