Namegivers are those races that use language to bestow Names upon people, of other Namegivers in far off lands but none have been reported in Barsaive. Review – Earthdawn, Namegivers of Barsaive. Namegivers of Barsaive Earthdawn 3rd edition. This product is produced by Mongoose. Name-Givers of Barsaive. Here’s a list of the different Name-Givers and associated shit that goes with that. View as Desktop My Sites. Powered By Google Sites.

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The game world is advanced five years, past the end of the Barsaive-Thera War, in order to clear dangling threads in the metaplot and open the game world to new stories.

Name-Givers of Barsaive – Earthdawn Compendium

During that time several novels and short-story anthologies set in the Earthdawn universe were also released. Tilton Email This BlogThis! Each magical item, therefore, is unique by virtue of its history and the scope of its powers.

Editor Scott Haring noted referring to the FASA edition that ” Earthdawn had an original, inventive magic system no mean trick given the hundreds of fantasy RPGs that came beforeand a game world that gave you the classic “monsters and dungeons” sort of RPG experience, but made sense doing it.

In the distant past of Earthdawn’ s setting, an elf scholar discovered that the time of the Horrors was approaching, and founded the Eternal Library in order to discover a way to defeat them — or at the very least, survive them. Combined with a clear, well-designed rules system and an impressive range of supporting supplements and adventures, this is an excellent fantasy game.

The peoples of the world built kaers, underground towns and cities, which they sealed with the Theran wards to wait out the time of the Horrors, which was called the Scourge. One of the most innovative ideas in Earthdawn is how magical items work. It is generally recommended that Casters only use attuned spells, but this is not required. Step 2 is rolled as step 3, but you subtract 1 from the result.


After the disciplines, is the talent discriptions for the new disciplines, and talent knacks. For example, two six-sided dice will on average yield a result of 7, [5] thus the step number 8 means that 2d6 will be rolled. The changes were meant to allow for more rounded characters and better bamegivers of play. The Earthdawn Classic Player’s Compendium and Earthdawn Classic Gamemaster’s Compendium are essentially an naemgivers Second Edition, but without a version designation since the material is compatible anyway.

The Second Edition did not alter the setting, though it did update the timeline to include events that took place in Barsaive.


The second half of the book is pure crunch, each race has at least one discipline that is race specific. While RedBrick tried to remain faithful to FASA’s vision and visual style, they revised almost everything and introduced new material to fill the gaps. Most of these nations agreed at first though some became unwilling to fulfill their end of the bargain after the end of the Scourge, wanting to have nothing to do with the bureaucratic nation run on political conflict and powered by slavery.

If you’re getting into Earthdawn, this should be the 3rd book you buy, second if you’re a player. This book gives you all the information you need to truly understand any of the name-giver races.

It’s also of special interest to fans of Shadowrunbecause it describes the past of the same gameworld. Legend points the Earthdawn equivalent of experience points can be spent to put up the characters level in the Talent, increasing his step level for the ability, making the user more proficient at using that specific type of magic.

Earthdawn – Wikipedia

RedBrick began publishing Earthdawn novels in This approach means it’s always technically possible to succeed with a low step number, yet leaves room for failure on high step numbers.

Caster Earhhdawn use the same Talent system as others, but also have access to spells. The rules of the game are tightly bound to the underlying magical metaphysicswith the goal of creating a rich, logical fantasy world. The 3rd edition changes this by removing d4s and d20s from the system. In order to get a larger audience for this edition, RedBrick published the book through Mongoose Publishing’s Flaming Cobra imprint.


Retrieved from ” https: The Horrors come in an almost infinite variety—from simple eating machines that devour all they encounter, to incredibly intelligent and cunning foes that feed bqrsaive the negative emotions they inspire in their prey.

Earthdawn’ s magic system is highly varied but the essential idea is that all player characters called Adepts have access earthdaawn magic, used to perform abilities attained through their Disciplines.

Note should be made that game world links between Earthdawn and Shadowrun were deliberately broken by the publisher when the Shadowrun property was licensed out, in order to avoid the necessity for coordination between publishing companies. At first, most magical items work exactly like a mundane item of the same type.

Set in the same world as Shadowrunmillennia earlier. Views Read Edit View history. Two Earthdawn supplements cover territories outside Barsaive. Likewise, Barsaive gets a complete treatment, and the chapters contain a lot of log entries and stories in addition to the setting descriptions; the same applies to Horrors and Dragons.

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To form stepsadd 1d It is packed with crunch. The player characters explore this new world, discovering lost secrets of the past, and fighting Horrors that remain. Theran wizards and politicians warned many of the outlying nations around Thera of the coming of the Horrors, offering the protection of the kaers to those who would pledge their loyalty to baraive Empire.

As a character searches for information about the item’s history, performs certain tasks relating to that history, and spends legend points to activate the item, he unlocks some of the magic in the item. If the spell is successfully cast, it has its normal effects along with added consequences.