Find great deals for Behringer Edison Ex-1 Stereo Image Processor With Phase Meter Ex1. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Behringer Edison EX1 Stereo image ent condition, used in a home with manual and power supply. Thank you for your inquiry on the Edison EX1 The Edison is an audio processing device designed to enhance, correct, or remix stereo program material of any.

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A rather novel concept, it can correct a stereo mix which seems heavy or too empty in one of the channels.

This way, the signal can be shifted into other keys up to an octave above or below the original. The modulation source can also be the signal envelope, which produces vowel-like opening and closing tones.

Behringer Edison Ex-1 Stereo Image Processor With Phase Meter Ex1

The Plate Reverb will give your tracks the sound heard on countless hit records since the late s. Exciters increase presence and intelligibility in live sound applications, and are indispensable for adding clarity, air and harmonic overtones in the recording studio.

Sometimes called a 3-Tap Delay, the Triple Delay provides three delay stages with independent frequency, gain, and pan controls.

DECAY controls the amount of time it takes edisoj the reverb to dissipate. Here is when most of the fundamentals and power of music is. The Mood Filter uses an LFO generator and an auto-envelope generator to control a VCF voltage-controlled filteras well as a side chain function where the exx1 B signal controls the envelope of channel A.


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Inspired by the Lexicon PCM A fourth Control can adjust for tonal and ambient balance. The phase-meter is useful. They can enhance the signal spectrum in bass, midrange and high frequencies but they differ from traditional equalizers.

Everything you ought to know about Solo and monitor sources 5. Again, edispn useable to balance the overall sonic picture of the recording. GAIN A controls the gain level of the second delay stage.


FEED adjusts the amount of feedback. As an overview it is multiband ambiance, definition or imaging enhancing device. Slider 3 selects the Hi Cut frequency. Do not mix everything in, use the Edison insert a pair of votes on your table, especially on percussive sounds or with very little bass, and you will understand what “depth of field” means.

A low frequency band control either thickens or thins out the bass. Processor to adjust the “width” of fields in the Stereo, and the level of the central signal mono.

Our algorithm simulates that sound with high initial diffusion and a bright colored sound. Fortunately it is very easy to use. Views Read View source View history.

  DIN 54231 PDF

You expand a stereo, make it more profound or give the impression that some of your sounds come from “below”.

Behringer EDISON EX1 Manuals

This slightly changes the reverb decay time. The processing is simple and effective because it follows the basic concept of how audio is mixed in a stereo recording at the studio to create the imaging or depth of field. The Dual Pitch effect allows the left and right channels to be adjusted independently, and allows GAIN compensation and panning of the two channels. What can I say? Use the Stereo Delay to give your mono signals a wide presence in the stereo field.

X AIR for Android 7. Stereo Delay provides independent control of left and right delay echo times and features high and low pass filters for enhanced tone shaping of the delayed ez1. A Stereo Imager is typically used to control the placement of a signal within the stereo field during mixdown or mastering.

Each stage also has its own GAIN adjustment.