If the line is from one of Rumi’s “longer poems” (longer than four half-lines), then it is from a ghazal, or ode. Unfortunately, there is no data base of such poems. Dīvān-e Kabīr or Dīvān-e Šams-e Tabrīzī (The Works of Šams Tabrīzī) (Persian: دیوان شمس mixed Persian/Greek and Persian/Turkish poems. Dīvān-e Šams-e Tabrīzī is named in honour of Rumi’s spiritual teacher and friend Shams Tabrizi. Create & stream a free custom radio station based on the song Divan by İsmail Coşkun on iHeartRadio!.

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Diwan-e Shams-e Tabrizi – Wikipedia

Death of Fariduddin Attar [the eminent 13th century Persian Sufi poet]. Rumii day I think about it, then at night I say it. This work has been highly influential in the field of Rumi studies worldwide. So long as you are under the dominion of your senses and discursive reason, it makes no difference whether you regard God as transcendent or immanent, since you cannot possibly attain to true knowledge of either aspect of His nature.

To the bits of dust I say, Stay. In a country where Pulitzer Prize-winning poets often struggle to sell 10, books, Coleman Barks’ translations of Rumi have sold more than a quarter of a million copies. Love needs no translation! There is another kind of tablet, one already completed and preserved inside you. Nicholson Annemarie Schimmel A. Go on and faithfully fulfill all your love duties.

You get ranked ahead or behind others in regard to your competence in retaining information. The universal message of Rumi is a hopeful alternative to the ignorance and lack of spirituality in modern times. Dissimulation is expressing something contrary to what is in your heart.


My hart, sing the song of longing like nightingale. I’ve heard that the ecstasy.

Its analysis shows that it is, in reality, a very queer thing, abounding in metaphysical subtleties and theological niceties The world is like a trap that captures any who cling too closely to it. November 27, at 2: The participants enact the turning of the planets around the sun, a symbol of man linked to the center which is God, source of vivan, but it is also an internalized turning of the body toward the soul, likewise source of life.

Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? Love is the soul’s light, the taste of morning, no me, no we, no claim of being. Can you give more?

By the help 45 “help” “this term is employed by Jalalu’ddin to denote the perpetual replenishment of the phenomenal world by a succession tumi emanations from the Absolute. If the presence of my Beloved is felt. Your way begins on the other side.

Eshrefoglu Rumi

These ideas on ereflu nature of Mysticism inspired Karl Marx, who later gave a theory to uncover the mysticism of capital and capital accumulation in the capitalist social system. The Quatrains of Rumi: Sometimes you break the idols. This work contained several quotations from the Masnavi, whereby Tholuck characterized Rumi as a proponent of pantheism. And what is so remarkable and unforgettable about Rumi’s life is that in one moment all this changed-the moment he met a wandering darvish named Shams-e Tabriz.


No more than a ball smacked around by a polo stick! The original translation is by Professor A. My love, my beautiful looking love.

Looking for a Poem from Rumi’s Divan?

His cadence and his elegance were such that this collection can be considered one of the best introductions to Maulana Rumi’s poetic genius even today. Therefore God is what God is. An English translation from the Persian was first published by A. Shams then put his hand in the ashes and pulled out the books.

In Divan-e Shams, rrumi has used many images from the mundane world.

Rumi’s story shows us that the longing and emptiness we feel for a lost loved one is only a reflection, a hologram, of the longing we feel for God; it is the longing we feel to become whole again, the longing to return to the root from which we were cut.

Who is hiding inside my eyes looking out into the unknown? So for the already sweetened lovers. As regards me, thou art chief and principal of the stony-hearted.

Send an e-mail to this website and type “Divan Search” in the subject area. And keeps on happening. This led within the movement the notion of unity and harmony between all religions of the world.