The Ghostbusters Role-Playing Game series was produced by West End Games, and consisted of two core titles, namely Ghostbusters: A Frightfully Cheerful. : Ghostbusters: A Frightfully Cheerful Roleplaying Game [Box Set] () by Sandy Petersen and a great selection of similar New. Ghostbusters: A Frightfully Cheerful Role-Playing Game and Ghostbusters International ‒ colloquially and collectively called simply the.

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Duncan, you are welcome. We now have all the files we need to relive our youths! If that side comes up, the player is screwed; it’s a Bad Thing, and whether the roll makes it or not, Shit Happens. Collect ghost cards as you move your Ghostbusters playing piece toward the ghost trap at the top of the Museum stairway.

Hours days, really weeks of work have had employees scanning materials, working with them until they were like new.

This is amongst numerous powers to shit on the local franchise friggtfully the parent corporation has. Baron Bones could suddenly knock you off the trail, or “zap” you and free one of your ghosts! How To Play Have you ever wanted to be a Ghostbuster? Or invest in the franchising opportunity of a lifetime!

The first avenue of succession is the system.

Ghostbusters features an intentionally minimalist rules system. Ghostbusters RPG, first edition cover.

Ghostbusters: A Frightfully Cheerful Role Playing Game

Thanks for making them frightully Used to have this game and was lost due to fire. Its understandable as most people grow older, they need to make decisions chedrful best fit their lives. It’s arguable that this game can be played to have more bureaucracy than Paranoiaalso by West End Games, and comes with numerous photocopyable forms to get the players to sign, just like in Paranoia.


This was the first RPG I bought with my very own money! Pumpkin Patch Panic includes: The initial title was a shameless cash-in of the first movie, with Ghostbusters International helping suck in more cash following the second movie.

They were further cleaned up where applicable before being re-uploaded to Ghostbusters Incorporated. Who ya roleplayiing call? A Frightfully Cheerful Role-Playing Game was pretty fresh for its time, on the cutting edge of rules-lite which was just about to become zeitgeisty. We had so much fun playing, we turned our games into a cinematic podcast! You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You can save the world – again and again and again! Wells Award Winners “. Create your own local Ghostbusters International office, and play your own dashing Ghostbusters! This was awesome, a friend was asking if I could this game again.

Just curious if these are legal. Editor Scott Haring noted that Ghostbusters was “the first-ever RPG to use the dice pool mechanic” and “the game did a great job of catching the zany feel of the movies. Yes, that was the whole rule.

Ghostbusters Roleplaying – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

You vanquish the slimers! Is this the fall of Civilization? Who are they going to call? Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Email required Address never made public.

I sent an email with the link to my files. But did any of that ever make you feel like you were really a Ghostbuster? The Ghostbusters franchise will generally find its own customers or, more accurately, the customers will find them but the parent corporation can also step in and make the ‘Busters do a mission for free while they rake in the monies.


Brains, Muscle, Moves, and Cool, giving each Trait a score between 1 and 5. The chase takes place on a winding 4-part path.

Equipment Cards and a Ghost Die. How about the video games? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The points must be spent before rolling, however-one may not spend brownie points to obtain additional dice to roll once a roll has already failed. Went on internet last week and couldnt believe it was a rare collectable. Or any of the physical books.

Ghostbusters – A frightfully cheerful roleplaying game

The first, the Ghost Dieis a special die that represents bad luck, and can cause even successful actions to have negative effects for player characters. If other modules are provided to me or if I own the physical material, then eventually one or more could be added.

The Video Game Ghostbusters: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: An index of Spooks, Spirits and Specters. They are orbiting her. Contact Juvenile delinquents from Outer Space!

A Ghostbusters RPG adventure module. Unfortunately if I had known gsme copies of the supplemental books came from another Ghostbusters website, I could have saved us time.

The core and supplemental books are the same that was shared at our previous site Ghostbusters International.