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Log In Sign Up. Expanded noun phrases, for instance, involve marking determiners for gender and case. From toI was a Ph. There was extensive variability on all language scales.

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To refer to past events, perfect tense is used in spoken German. Rehabilitation of children with cochlear implants in Germany.

Evidence for the influence of adult input and verb constructions.

As German is a moderately inflecting language, the use of inflections is an important aspect of grammatical development and this is why the present questionnaire devotes an extended section to its assessment testing different morphological paradigms. The number of classes of examples varied per paradigm, rendering the following maximum scores: Yours sincerely, Gisela Publications based on data trans – view – For present purposes, sentence complexity is scored in the following way: This section is equivalent to the sentence complexity items of the CDI Fenson et al.

At age 1;6 the mean vocabulary score is 65 words. Thus, there is converging evidence for the interdependence of lexical and grammatical learning from neurophysiological and crosslinguistic behavioural data. This indicates that at the early age levels children have barely begun to acquire the relevant grammatical structures and, when they do, they progress at different speeds.

In all cases the main effect of gender favoured girls. In an attempt to broaden the crosslinguistic perspective, the effect of gender will be examined in the present study. Variability in the spoken language development of young children with cochlear implants. Early development of grammatical number. Relations between vocabulary and grammar, with the vocabulary score consisting of content words only, gave very similar results and will not be presented here.


Summary statistics for curve estimation models are presented in Table 3; for each grammatical measure there are significant linear and quadratic trends in the data. This was done for two reasons. I am currently a post-doctoral associate at Rutgers University. Communicative development in Swedish children 16—28 months old: In no case were the interactions significant.

Figure 8 shows the growth curve for forms of modal verbs and the copula max.

Sprachentwicklung beim Kind. Ein Lehrbuch by Gisela Szagun

sprachentwicklun Forms of modal verbs and the copula are acquired more slowly than any other inflectional morphology. Grammar Two measures of grammatical growth were used: It increases to and words at ages 2;5 and 2;6, respectively; this is a sevenfold increase. For vocabulary growth, variability decreased somewhat at the highest age levels.

However, the present data do not allow us to disentangle possible influences accounting for gender effects. In these three languages, hardly any grammatical growth is observed knid low vocabulary levels.

Examining the lexical-grammatical link in greater depth, Marchman et al. A comparison of the transition from first words sprachentwickoung grammar in English and Italian. Help Center Find new research papers in: With a little help: Sentence complexity increases only gradually. Der Einfluss des Alters auf den Spracherwerb: This similarity is not surprising, as more complex sentences in German almost always involve increased use of inflectional morphology. However, as with other adaptations of hisela CDI Maital et al.

Member of the Panel discussing ‘International issues surrounding cochlear implantation’ at the SRCD Preconference ‘The development of children with cochlear implantation – Szagun – The emergence of spracehntwicklung from the lexicon. Thus, as for plural, gender marking has progressed quite far by 2;6. Next, a description of the growth of inflectional morphology in the different grammatical paradigms is given, starting with inflectional markings in the noun phrase: Thus, plural marking is quite well developed at this age.


Giisela presented as part of an Invited Symposium ‘Language acquisition in young children with a cochlear implant’ at the International Congress for – Szagun – All the words used in the German spontaneous speech data which were German equivalents of English words contained in the Fenson et al. February 5 – Thus – In this latter case, parents were resident all over Germany. Experiential factors account for variability in linguistic progress of young children with cochlear implants.

Because German is a more highly s;rachentwicklung language than English and its inflectional paradigms use multiple regularities Behrens, ; Szagun, ba checklist equivalent to the section on word endings of the American CDI Fenson et al.

The structure of the relation between lexical and grammatical growth has been shown to be non-linear to the extent that at low vocabulary levels there is no corresponding grammatical growth, whereas at high vocabulary levels grammatical szxgun increases as a linear function of vocabulary. A mental image is spravhentwicklung a sprachentwocklung verbs: Relations between phonological and inflectional errors in Germanspeaking children with cochlear implants and with unimpaired hearing.

Because the structure of German grammar differs from that of English, these parts differ from their English equivalents Fenson et al.