Ingo Douglas Swann was a claimed psychic, artist, and author known for being the co-creator, .. The raw data comprised only four pages, but according to Swann, the confirmatory data appeared throughout the published scientific and. Compliment to – Entire Ingo Swann Database – Free ebook download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. 00 Reference Materials For Ingo Swann’s IRVA Lecture 00 Ingo Swann Extraterrestrial Telepathy And Biopsychic Sexuality Ingo Swann Database.

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Many topics were covered in some of his books. The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy”. Life Energies and the Physics of Paranormal Phenomena. It was a whopping pages, and dives into all sorts of things sdann Remote Viewing, the science of consciousness, and many other areas that should be relevant to all levels of remote viewers. Retrieved July 29, It is Swann who suggests swahn Coordinate Remote Viewing tests, not the experimenters. Inside those cloud layers, those crystal layers, they look beautiful from the outside.

Swann was a claimed psychic who called himself a “consciousness inho who had sometimes experienced “altered states of consciousness. There is no mention of sand and he also states, “I feel there is liquid some-where More basical question here, what is “Ingo Swann Complete Database”.

Towards Activating the Superpowers — Part 5: Sann sat alone in the chamber with wires from electrodes fastened to his head running through the wall behind him. On June 6,the two men paid a visit to Dr. In which Ingo’s “repeatable” trials were written up by Dr. A psychologist, either Bonnie Preskari or Carole K. Federal Government to determine any potential military application of psychic phenomena.


The history of remote viewing, while never completed, should be recommend reading for a begginer.

He is in control. Dayabase free to PM me to chat about it. Thanks for doing this. Due to the popularity of Uri Geller in the seventies, a critical examination of Swann’s paranormal claims was basically overlooked by skeptics and historians. Thanks for posting this. Immediately after, Puthoff wrote a brief paper in a draft form.

You know I had a dream once something like inog, where the cloud cover was a great arc The feedback data, therefore, amounted to about pages.

But it is understood that these first four of the superpowers recombine into creativity and inventiveness — and which have been the two major hallmarks of our species from time immemorial. Tremendous winds, sort of like maybe the prevailing winds of Earth, but very close to the surface of Jupiter.

What would you say were the top three things in this database that blew your mind? Osis does not describe the height of the ceiling. Superpower Processes and Layers of Meaning. He concludes that extraterrestrials are living on Earth in humanoid bodies.


Very close within the atmosphere. The bio-psychic “anatomy” of sexual energies: Psychological scales were developed for rating the quality and clarity as subjectively described by Swann of his OOB vision, which varied from time to time. When these same experiments with Swann are described in Parapsychology: Those were my favorites!

Thursday, September 8, Ingo Swann Database. The new one is clearly marketing him, which I am certain he would have been against were he still datbase. It can easily be shown that cognitive access to this spectrum is easily modified positively or negatively by social parameters and pressures. Superpowers Essay Kngo — Introduction.



Such social parameters come and go, being only transitory. His artworks express his passion for exploring the mysteries of the Universe and recapture his visions from leaving his body, remote viewing, and seeing auras. Remote viewers claimed to be able to see vast distances and examine targets that would otherwise be unobservable through established surveillance and reconnaissance methods.

So if you have any questions, let me know. Superpowers Essay Series — Nomenclature.

Sanity for Superheroes: Ingo Swann Database

At first they resisted, for the resulting descriptions would be impossible to verify. RV — Hey, Guys! Parapsychology Death and culture Parapsychology Scientific literacy.

Towards Activating the Databas — Part 3: Those grains which make that sand orange are quite large.

The results with Swann suggested that during his remote viewing there were associated measurable changes in brain activity. Persinger concluded that there was “significant congruence” between the stimuli and Swann’s electroencephalographic activity.

Towards Activating the Superpowers — Part 1: Puthoff states that after about a five-second delay, [7] Heberd says it was a ten- to fifteen-minute delay, the frequency of the trace recorder oscillation doubled for about 30 seconds, reportedly a common occurrence due to swahn in the shared helium line to the laboratory.