Irit Rogoff is a writer, teacher, curator and organiser. She is Professor of Visual Culture at Goldsmiths London University, a department she founded in This text is the first section of “What is a Theorist?”, see You can find Irit Rogoff’s extended deliberations on criticality in her recent text. Goldsmiths, University of London has launched a series of publications considering the discipline of visual cultures – one of those ushered in by Hall and .

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Instead I am concerned with the dynamics of loss, of giving up and of moving away and of being without.

She has also published in periodicals such as Art Journale-flux journaland Third Text. Comtemporary views on art and exhibitions. And so the question becomes: It seems to me that within the space of a relatively short period we have been able to move from criticism to critique to criticality – from finding fault, to examining the underlying assumptions that might allow something to appear as a convincing logic, to operating from an uncertain ground which while building on critique wants nevertheless to inhabit culture in a relation other than one of critical analysis; other than one of illuminating flaws, locating elisions, allocating blames.

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orit Becoming Research Rogoff, Irit. Rogoff areas of supervision include: Neither police, nor pirates. Participating Singularities — Ontological Communities. To introduce questions and uncertainties in those places where formerly there was some seeming consensus about what one did and how one went about it. Third Text, 23 2pp.


Regional Imaginaries Rogoff, Irit. Singularising Knowledge Rogoff, Irit. This article was first published in the April issue.

The Where of Now Rogoff, Irit. These dynamics are for me a necessary part of my understanding of Visual Culture, for whatever it may be it is NOT an rogiff, an additive project in which bits of newly discovered perspectives are pasted on to an existing structure, seemingly augmenting and enriching it, seemingly making it acceptable to the pressures of the times.

Previous Related Public program.

Mika Rottenberg at Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art, London

Vancouver Art Gallery and Aargauer Kunsthaus, pp. David Held and Henrietta Moore, eds. Mirzoeff,2nd ed. Neither police, nor pirates Rogoff, Irit. Unfolding the critical Rogoff, Irit and Stahre, Ulrike.

Angelika Nollert and Irit Rogoff, Revolver Kutlug Ataman and Irit Rogoff in conversation.

{{kedcultures..} Irit Rogoff

Relational Knowledges, Docu Dramatisation, mimicry of bureaucratic and managerial strategies and computational logics have produced new opportunities for criticality and new permissions for positioning knowledge as intervention.

Critique, in all of its myriad complexities has allowed us to unveil, uncover and critically re-examine the convincing logics and operations of such truth claims. However, for all of its mighty critical apparatus and its immense and continuing value, critique has sustained a certain external knowingness, a certain ability to look in from the outside and unravel and examine and expose that which had seemingly lay hidden within the folds irkt structured knowledge.


With the work of Kutlug Ataman Rogoff, Irit.

Looking Away—Participations in Visual Culture. In the s a concern with race and cultural difference which resulted in trying to take on the authority of ‘geography’ as a body of knowledge with political implications and currently a concern with questions of democracy and of what modes, parliamentarian and performative, might be open to us to take part in it, which I am currently thinking about as an exploration of participation and of what does it mean to take part in visual culture beyond the roles it allots us as viewers or listeners.

Starting in the Middle: Seijdel Jorinde and Gielen Pascal, eds.

Professor Irit Rogoff

I Promise its Political. Accompanying the celebrations and tributes to the rangy, generous contributions made to cultural studies by the late theorist Stuart Hall have been some contemporary glossings of the academic discipline for which he became a figurehead, and appraisals of its success. As a curator and public organisor Rogoff has been involved in a series of exhibitions, the public programs they generate and the possibility of constituting public study platforms at the edges of numerous occasions.

Vancouver, BC, and Aarau, Switzerland: A philosophy of curating.