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according to test requirements such as BS Pt. 2 or ISO This can be expressed in two ways, the Coefficient of Friction µ and the Torque Coefficient (K . ISO FASTENERS – TORQUE/CLAMP FORCE TESTING. DIN EN ISO Fasteners – Torque/clamp force testing (ISO + Amd ) (includes Amendment).

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In order to achieve the desired clamp force with a specified torque, the tightening instructions must assume a total coefficient of friction of the fasteners.

This standard is also available to be included in Standards Subscriptions. In this process the fasteners are screwed to their own washer.

For hard bases the standard prescribes a narrow range of hardness, but permits a broad range of hardness for soft bases. Cross-cut test for adhesion. Your Alert Profile lists the 1647 that will be monitored.

This is not always easy. When tightening the bolt the clamp force, the rotation angle, the total torque and one of the two partial torques are measured. Username or email address: Want to learn more and discuss your project?


Please enter your username or email address. Electrostatic powder spraying EPS. Webprint Printed and bound.

In this it is also necessary to take into consideration the geometry of the fasteners — more precisely, the increase of the thread, its flank diameter and the diameter of the head contact. Industrial companies and associations often specify a coefficient of friction window for this. Have fun clicking through! This will give you increased confidence in your fastener designs and manufacturing processes.


ISO 16047:2005

As 1607 result, the coefficients of friction calculated from torque and clamp force only really apply to the conditions on the test bench. Technical 1607 can not always be avoided. Surfaces often have a major influence on this. The moment new editions of the standards you monitor are released, changes are made, or appendixes are published, you 1607 be alerted by email. When fastening, the torque must be correct in order to achieve the required clamp force — the force that a fastener uses to hold two components together.

Subscription pricing is determined by: In practice, there are two ways in which companies deal with this: Corrosion testing atmospheres conducive corrosion. It can also be used in conjunction with FEA when a transfer of fluid causes a resultant force that needs to be considered when doing structural analysis. Galvanised reference parts do not rust in storage. The testing of fasteners with captive washers is not described in the standard.

Product Validation, Verification and Testing

Every day, thousands upon thousands of screws and bolts are used to fasten components together. Such data can be used to establish the appropriate torque-angle requirement for the specific fastener and joint.


From a standardisation viewpoint, this dilemma is unresolved. Because if bolts and screws are too loose, components may move. The ISO standard enables different reference base plates or reference washers to be used.

Coat thickness and coat thickness measurement. These are useful, for example in comparing the coefficients of friction of different coating systems. Already Subscribed to this document. The objective is to fix components to each other in a way that enables them to fulfil their is.

The variety around the topic of corrosion and corrosion protection is also in our glossary at home: We have no amendments or corrections for this standard. With these fasteners a washer is threaded onto the blank; the subsequent cold forming in which the thread is rolled into the surface ensures that this washer cannot fall off. The friction between roughened surfaces is greater than between smooth ones. Add to Alert PDF. You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time.

Instructions for resetting the password will be immediately emailed to you. Coefficients of friction calculated according to ISO standard need to be regarded with caution, however. That may sound routine initially.